събота, ноември 19, 2011

This night...

This night the sleep eludes me. I can't close my eyes and think about something else than you. I am tired as hell, my heart races and in my tummy a bunch of butterflies tries to get out. That is. Sore reality. All me wants all you. It is almost a physical pain.

This night I was meant to be in your arms like every single night before it. Solely yours, devoted and loving. All I want are the falling stars and a little bit of warmness in you.

This night I wake up from my nightmares cold and numb. Emotionally drained and weak. My fears stun me, but I can't let go. I live only for the briefest of your touch, your smile, the way you hold your cup of coffee and smoke a cigar... I can describe you the brightest detail, vivid and true, as I love you with all of your complexity and crabby moods. 

As I said. All me wants all you.

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