неделя, ноември 06, 2011


Pause. Break. Hiatus.

I want it. 

It is time for a long walk and empty thoughts. It is time for the last falling leafs from the November trees and me standing right there in the middle. Time to rethink and sleep mindlessly with no memories. Time to curl in the bed under the covers, body cold like the death itself. I am restless, my mind is racing with unbelievable speed, my all hurts, my spine aches. I cannot breath. I cry a little too tired to do anything else. Then when I get up I will spend all my day perfectly alone at home. Because as it turns as always: home is the only real place where I can stay. I may white a little, read a couple of old love poems and stare from the dirty window into the grey lifeless sky.

I often think that I am like the summer rain. Water pouring under the messy clouds. But I will cut myself to pieces to make you save path to cross. Although it hurts. Although right there I needed something else.   

Hiatus. That is. The only solution. Everybody had theirs. I just want mine now. 

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