четвъртък, октомври 13, 2011

Time for tea

Outside is raining and it is too cold even for a walk. I am somewhat ill, this time I really don't know what I have. Let's hope it is only the autumn flu and that it will end soon. I had a really difficult training session at the gym today, I am a disaster lately. All I want to do is curl up in my bed all day and not even show my nose outside. Besides of my ill state I am watching at these perfect sunflowers and they make me fuzzy, warming me from the inside. Everybody needs something bright and yellow in this weather, so I share them with you!

To resume, it is time for hot cup of strong aromatic tea. Earl Grey brewed for 4 minutes exactly, with room temperature milk and home made honey added at 35 degrees. That its. A simple, classic way to take your tea, but perfect for every cold and tired situation.  Cheers!

Photos taken by me, Sunflowers by Zmeiovna, a cup 

5 коментара:

  1. ^^ И аз съм в същото положение с "разболяването" и фоновото описание... само без слънчогледите. :-/ Не можем да имаме всичко!

  2. Вече имаш. Сваляй ги и буф! на десктопа да си те радват! :")

  3. От десктопа в момента, редувайки се, ми се радват... ВЪЛЦИИИ! <3 <3 <3 Хаха, но определено скоро ще цъфна твоите слънчогледи като гледам как ми се развива болестта! :-D

  4. С(л)ънчогледиииииии!!!
    Усмихвай им се, за да ти се усмихват! :)