четвъртък, октомври 13, 2011

Time for tea

Outside is raining and it is too cold even for a walk. I am somewhat ill, this time I really don't know what I have. Let's hope it is only the autumn flu and that it will end soon. I had a really difficult training session at the gym today, I am a disaster lately. All I want to do is curl up in my bed all day and not even show my nose outside. Besides of my ill state I am watching at these perfect sunflowers and they make me fuzzy, warming me from the inside. Everybody needs something bright and yellow in this weather, so I share them with you!

To resume, it is time for hot cup of strong aromatic tea. Earl Grey brewed for 4 minutes exactly, with room temperature milk and home made honey added at 35 degrees. That its. A simple, classic way to take your tea, but perfect for every cold and tired situation.  Cheers!

Photos taken by me, Sunflowers by Zmeiovna, a cup 

неделя, октомври 09, 2011

I would...

I would want to say something nice but obviously we don't hear ourselves any more. Of course I am carrying the guilt. How can it be any other way... when I am compared to an egoistical, self-absorbed cunt. Anyway. I should say something. I can't. Not any longer, no more. 

I am empty. Lonely. Left behind. Broken. Sad. After all I am the weak one, the one who only wants to love and care for somebody, the one who will weep silently in her bed after re-reading her own words several times.

Wise people say that the stars burn brighter than anything just before they die and fade away.

I would...

петък, октомври 07, 2011


The common believe is that I am a charming, joyful and happy person. They also say that I will look for the eternal balance, that I tend to use my words carefully only when needed and I am a real manipulator of sorts. Hell yeah! How I wish that all this was true, especially the last part... but of course I maybe the only living exception. Because I tend to be the exception in everything I do. 

You may say that I am easy to love like the reading of some third-rate cheap romance novel and I say that I like chocolate early in the morning with freshly brewed tea while I still lay in the messed-up bed and take the aroma of our morning love-making all over my skin while you lit up and smoke your usual after-cigar. Of course I will take a short shower later just to wrap myself in your towel and go back to the bed. I am lazy. It is also a trait that runs with the sign, but who cares for it anyway.

I won't prepare myself especially and only for you, I do it for my own pleasure, clear? As it goes with my caring personality I may let you do whatever you want, but beware because you should know this: deep down in all of us, we are perfect actresses. I tend to love uncontrollably, inexplicably and in mostly aggressive ways. I am quite jealous and honestly if you want to meet my fiery traits I dare you, cheat on me. The end of you won't be quick, I promise. I never forget, never forgive just like the Mad barber from Fleet Street.

Searching for the perfect balance in every fucking aspect in my life, an emotional storm when not sure what to do, a somewhat melancholy type in my bests of moods, I am the "paradigm in entropy", the missing link, a book with blank pages. But still, I am the sole commander of my thoughts and there is a lot going on my mind right now. I would say that you reflect only the sheer satin finish of my surface, scarring it with shades and doubts. Your second nature should be intuition, you shall be able to know me to the finest detail. 

And you don't. Sadly, everybody knows that my sign doubts in everything and this is, they say, the key that shuts the door to my soul and leaves you outside in the hall.

Photo: here