понеделник, юни 13, 2011

Skin so soft...

I lay my tired body in my bed. As I am alone and it will be so for the next couple of months I tend to stay up until the small hours of the day. The sheets offer comforting but subtle hug over my legs. I shift my position over and over again. This night as many before her, the sleep has deserted me. Or shall I say morning... the light outside is almost visible, tangible between the white linen curtains.

...oh, how I long to bath in this soft caress. The engulfing promise that everything is going to be all-right just for me this time. The touch of fingertips over my backside that share the love for the whole me. The me that comes as one... with curves, dimples, smooth skin, unmistakeable aroma of peaches and vanilla...

I shift again in my confined space. Satin-like sheets and creamy underwear that is my choice for the long lonely summer nights. I hear the noises of the awakening city below me. Birds sing for their lovers, first passing cars, the rolling curtains of the windows. It soothes me somehow to know that there is life out there although it is not a welcoming one for me.

... there is no problem to find that caress. I would do it myself, eyes closed... dreaming for somebody else. It never helps, though it makes the condition more bearable for few minutes...

Surely there is something I could do. Maybe I can just get up, do my training and go out. I can go and lay in the park alone.Or go to the beach so I could propose a view for the German tourists here. Or pass through my living district to get flaunted and hear the not-so-pretty comments... why not? After all I am a loner, am I? 

photo:me...and me again.

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