вторник, юни 14, 2011

It is all vain...

As I see it the world is all vain. With another night with no sleep this time I managed to wake up at 11: 20 and even better, find strength to get up from my bed. At least for today I found some real work to do that will keep me occupied for a good couple of hours. Surely yesterday was awful day not only for my tired condition, nor the news. I was so beaten by myself. I always do it and with the years it is getting worse. The tears after all are good sleep medication.

But lets go back to the vanity. Is there anybody who doesn't want to be beautiful? Who doesn't want to be admired by the rest? I know I want to be that way. Vanity is a condition. It won't go away. Vanity is what keeps us anchored to the reality. It is the propulsive force that keeps us moving forward, that sets goals, that makes you evolve. What better way to impress if you are stronger, self-conscious person.

So here is, my dear seven deadly sins, I am vain. 

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