сряда, март 02, 2011

Oh, my...

I left your side with tingling lips from the last kiss and a moment later my heart froze in its pace. It was a real reminder of how much I need and love you. The tears came to my eyes with a smile on my face... as they do now. I want to cry, not because I am that emotional, but because I really feel happy and loved. 

I close my eyes and I hear: Oh, my lovely! Yes! Your lovely!

My skin bears your marks and the aroma of you still lingers on me. My bed will hug me these days: the sheets full with our mixed essence and I will dream again and again about you. The kitchen is still yours domain and I am sure, every time, with every dish we will be cooking there together. Your presence filled my room and this is it. You are here with me.

I kiss you, my dear, and I am counting the days until we meet again. With a smile on my face, all because you make me glow from my very  soul. Inside I fell fluffy.

4 коментара:

  1. Seriously I feel so sad to read this article. In depth, there is a mind which is crying for missing something very precious for life. A good emotional post. You write well.

  2. thank you, you write well too. :")

    yes it is a sad one, because I really miss my precious one. but it is a happy post too for the reason that I know that soon we will be together again.

  3. I like the way you write under the influence of these kind of emotions! ;-) ^^ :-*