петък, март 18, 2011

Finding the one...

They say that every soul who comes to this world is destined to find its mirror image, its half if you want to call it so. Another soul who shares everything with it. To find the one and only who makes your knees weak... it is a long and painful search with many errors and trials. It is quest. The quest to find the one... 

... who sends jolts of happiness through your tensed body without even touching you.

Because the happiness is what you deserve to have no matter the distance and the obstacles. Because I have learned that if you crave the touch every single moment it will come to you eventually and will satisfy your needs. Primal, animal needs that evolve in something beautiful with the time.

... who cherish your skin...

And your lips, your hands and fingers, your tired shoulders after a long day in the office, your hips and thighs, and calves. Who loves your whole naked body without make-up and pretending. Who enters in your erotic dreams and stays there just to watch you...

...whose fingers know where to touch...

Even when you don't expect it. Just relax and let them exploring. Close your eyes and hear the music.

... who knows how to make you sweet and tender

Because you are his woman after all this. And you want to feel womanly. You want to shed the protective coating that you wear everywhere and show your weakness. Underneath it all is where the real trust lies. The one and only will not wait a second chance to send you to your personal heaven. With all means possible, nothing is forbidden between two equal souls.  

... who can finish your sentence.

But who never does this. Because he knows that your freedom of expression is what makes you unique. He loves you for your wit and wisdom, even when you piss him off with just one word. Even if you repeat it. Your thoughts are restricted area and he honours this. But that will never stop him if he sees you troubled. there won't be need to explain yourself because...

... he is the one who  knows what you are thinking of and who doesn't want to change it.

Because he is there to learn how to accept you as you come, not as a doll or image. And just for the same reason you need to show yourself truly and openly all the time. 

... who accepts you in your saddest mood and worst moments.

Life is hard. It will hit you eventually. And believe me, there is nothing greater in this world from a person who hugs you with all his force in this moment. Even when the hug is send by distance.

photos: ElTonio

сряда, март 02, 2011

Oh, my...

I left your side with tingling lips from the last kiss and a moment later my heart froze in its pace. It was a real reminder of how much I need and love you. The tears came to my eyes with a smile on my face... as they do now. I want to cry, not because I am that emotional, but because I really feel happy and loved. 

I close my eyes and I hear: Oh, my lovely! Yes! Your lovely!

My skin bears your marks and the aroma of you still lingers on me. My bed will hug me these days: the sheets full with our mixed essence and I will dream again and again about you. The kitchen is still yours domain and I am sure, every time, with every dish we will be cooking there together. Your presence filled my room and this is it. You are here with me.

I kiss you, my dear, and I am counting the days until we meet again. With a smile on my face, all because you make me glow from my very  soul. Inside I fell fluffy.