четвъртък, февруари 10, 2011


Ok. Here we go. A major thing in my life. My ex-boyfriend, the one that I was going to marry, is married! Cheers people! Long and happy life! Farewell and all the fluffy stuff! And don't forget about the kids please, at least three!!!

Ok. Ok. I know that this sounds cheesy but it is the truth. I do wish them all the goodies.

Yeap... Fuck! How did that happen and when? The second back thought is: why? Not that I am sorry, but I don't get it. Nothing in contra the marriage and stuff...it just makes me laugh with all the irony in this world. Poor girl. Really poor girl.

You know that feeling which comes with knowing something that the others do not. It is the same with me this time. I know more than she expects. More for him and her. More for his ways. She is the "other" woman. And the fun is when we meet on the street. I like it. It is so different now. I have changed to good. I am more mature, I love myself more and I have grown up...(thankfully to one person) And he knows that I know and he is wondering...

I do wonder too... in like what will happen when the "other" arrives again in his life. Like me, like her... the never-ending spin of the life in constant lies. She doesn't know about me, as I was in bliss about the one before me... And I do confess that I felt something back in those days.

I am happy now. To be the girl, his and only, not a change or something in between. As I am happy to have my man, the exact one that fills me with tingles. And not to worry about the rest...

Watch out, "others"... there is a new one just behind in the corner! 

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