петък, август 06, 2010


I tried to sleep last night, I even got to my bed earlier. It didn't work. Now I feel even more tired than before... these couple of weeks the sleep is eluding me. I always wake up tired or wake up in the small hours of the day without the ability to sleep after that. 

The last time in which I remember to have slept without a problem was one Saturday afternoon after a very long party. And now as I rethink the situation and  I remember the tender long fingers that traced my forehead, the small giggles and sounds, the caring expression for my bruises... blond curls that tickle my skin when she bends towards me, the easy way of talking and sharing some precious thoughts, reassuring me when I have doubts... I sense the empty cavity in my daily life that this certain person left. And I want it back.

I have the feeling that I need some time for myself with myself... my other alter ego. 


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