четвъртък, август 05, 2010

Being me after so many years

I found this pending post written in my notebook. I was wondering is it necessary to post it but at the end decided to do so because of some inner doubts. Here it  is. Do not read it! :)

...being me after so many years. It is frightening and intriguing at the same time. Somewhere down deep inside my soul the chill still wanders but I know for sure that I don't care for it anymore. I don't care for many things anymore. 

...feeling the trembling breath on my back, anticipating the pain from the bites. You are quick and you always surprise me, always show me something new and so I wait patiently blinded and still. I know for sure that I would wear your marks all over my tired body. And I want to do it again. Because of the possession, of the self-indulgence in the unknown sensations. Bruises,  blue marks, bite marks, marks from your fingers, marks on my body and soul. Caressing my inner thighs and giving me all the peace of the world. And so I lay still...
...I know that I will wake up earlier but I do not feel sorry about it. The ultimate pleasure is to stay with my eyes tightly closed shut to be there to hear the firsts stirs and the sounds of your awakening...

...and then when I go out the blissful feeling makes my knees weak, a hot wave pushes through my chest and makes me dizzy. And then I stop my pace to catch my breath and control my heartbeat. The pleasure lingers, the aroma is still in the air and the strength of the sensation is just wonderful...

...being me after so many year indeed makes me unique.

date: 30-31.07.2010

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