неделя, май 02, 2010


All the words I got from my social experiment. Read and enjoy:
  • mad, crazy , marvelous 
  • me is you
  • smart, funny and strange
  • disciplined, will-driven, friendly
  • charming strange woman
  • who loves purple
  • intelligent, filmed, sexy
  • temperament, outgoing, perfectionist
  • charismatic, play, funky
  • crazy, art, pain
  • aroma, smile, velvet
  • interesting, magical, with strong spirit
  • tranquility, spring, smile
  • natural, intelligent, too much tends to rethink some situations
  • irritatingly intelligent (smartie!) 
  • creative, fighter, born to be winner
  • architectural rabbit
  • little sun, friendly face
  • treasure
I am still collecting if someones wants to share their opinion.

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