вторник, април 27, 2010

Old thoughts in a book (part one)

Today I was searching for my long lost PIN code for my credit card at home and by pure incident I found an old notebook full with some of my thoughts about myself and my life. It was put aside with some of my old poems and short stories. As I was reading the text I was purely amazed from the lack of change in my personality these 4 or five years. I guess I am all the same, all the time. Someday 'Gotta stop pretending, but anyway...the book has a name: Walks within me without my presence. There is a short writing from it. More like an introduction.

This is the description of whatever you want.
Me. In all my dimensions.
Good and Bad.
I'll share everything which you might want to know about me.
It is going to be a long list because I am hard personality to understand.
Bipolar and full of paradoxes. Contradicting the reality.

Me. And all about me.A walk in my inner self.
Somewhere there where I do not belong.

I intend to post every single page from it. Part by part. For better understanding...as I said "Someday I Gotta stop pretending" but until this day I will keep on smiling.

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