четвъртък, април 22, 2010

In a perfect way...only three words

I would like to have the flexibility to describe myself in a perfect way with three words. It is impossible for now. I started a social experiment for this reason. When I see some of my friends I ask them for the three words which cross their minds when they think of me. They often do not want to share their opinion. Can't tell why. Maybe there is a lurking fear that I would not like what they tell me. So if I get a comment it turns out that it is always nice.
To be honest I would not like to be called vain, plain or maybe something else. But I won't be mad about it. (well, this is a little lie...I will be mad as hell for 2 minutes but I won't tell them anyway) I know that I am a lousy loser and I often tend to be withdrawn in my own world, rethinking and wandering in my own thoughts, some times too depressed and sometimes too excited...but it is just me. Can't change this...

I am going on with the social experiment for a couple more days and then I will share the results here. I would love tho improve my personality somehow, to grow a little more, to evolve.

(I would also love to improve my English 'till the end of this year because I have so much more to tell and write. The lack of words is killing me sometimes...considering a language summer course if there is enough free time)

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  1. Аромат

    Тези са думи, които съм ги знаела вътрешно 7 години, но ми отне няколко минути, докато ги вербализирам като външни понятия.
    Истината е, че първите думи, които ми дойдоха на ум, бяха:
    "I. Love. Her."

  2. записвам си ги веднага...мила моя :)

  3. спокойствие

  4. кой се крие зад този анонимен глас? :") благодаря за хубавото определение.