вторник, април 13, 2010

Fresh start in the city

It is raining. Again. Subtle, calm, spring rain. It is making to most tranquil noises over the roofs and pavements, over the heads of all the busy people at the bus-stop, over me. It is wet. Nothing unusual here, all the water is wet. I look up and then down to my shoes. Poor fellas. All mud and grease from the cars. The city is dirty and ugly with grayish sky and lack of colors, but I like it.  
The bus comes. Full to its maximum. Smelly, humid and uncomfortable. I think that probably is better to go for a long walk to my house. My laziness wins over me and I get in despite the mass of people in this tin can. Is is loud in there and utterly disgusting. Only ten minutes and I will be home, I think as I hold my breath.
Ten minutes later I am on my bus-stop. As I go down I step in a big puddle...seconds later I am wet from tip to toes. 
Well. Sometimes I hate this city, but can't hold my smile. 

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