сряда, март 17, 2010


Shhh...silence! I do not want to hear anymore!

Shhh...Stop it! Do not tear apart the perfect, subtile peace of beauty...
Shhh...There is no need to say anything right now, just listen... 

Don't you have the feeling that some people often talk to much, but nevertheless say nothing important? That for them the words do not posses real meaning and are only a way to become center of atention? 

I do. And it happens all the time. 

But OTHER people know what the words are, and they use then in a way that makes me smile. THESE people know how to make me cry and laught, to tear me apart and put me back together. I am so glad  for their existence...even when their words make me sad for what I have become.

Photo: Nenata-ve Model: me

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